MISC Launches A Dedicated Liner Feeder Service To/From Thailand
9 March 2010

Recognizing the growing need for feeder transport services in Thailand and the region, MISC is delighted to announce the introduction of a direct weekly liner shipping service between the port of Bangkok and Singapore.

The Siam Singapore Shuttle Service, in short SSS is a direct container service that will provide a significant boost for importers and exporters in the way of faster transit, better connectivity, space availability and service commitment to meet the growing demand for carriage of cargoes within Intra Asia region especially cargo from /to Thailand.

A vessel with 500 TEU capacity will be deployed with a minimum of 60 reefer plugs that will present a greater opportunity for MISC in the growing reefer market. The service is expected to commence on March 8, 2010 with its inaugural voyage starting from Singapore.

With extensive agency coverage, MISC is well positioned to meet the current and growing needs of its customers’. To know more about the new service, customers are welcomed to contact our MISC agencies in their respective countries.