MISC - Bunga Laurel
21 January 2011

MISC Berhad would like to confirm that there has been an attempted hijacking involving its in‐chartered 19,000 dwt chemical tanker, MT Bunga Laurel. The incident occurred on 20 January 2011 in the Arabian Sea at 2340 hours local time. MT Bunga Laurel has a crew of 23 Filipinos, all of whom are accounted for and safe on the vessel. MT Bunga Laurel was fully laden and bound for Singapore at the time of the incident.

The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) Auxiliary Vessel Bunga Mas Lima was in the vicinity at the time of the incident and had taken swift and immediate action to disarm the piracy threat. Through the effective and decisive measures taken by navy personnel onboard RMN Auxiliary Vessel Bunga Mas Lima, the piracy threat onMT Bunga Laurel was successfully prevented.

MISC wishes to express its deepest thanks and appreciation to the Royal Malaysian Navy and the crew and naval officers onboard RMN Auxiliary Vessel Bunga Mas Lima. Their bravery and diligence in arresting the piracy threat has ensured the safety of MT Bunga Laurel and its crew.

The RMN Auxiliary Vessel Bunga Mas Lima was commissioned in 2009 through a collaboration between RMN and MISC Berhad, which is tasked to escort and protect MISC’s ships sailing through high risk piracy areas. The operationalisation of Bunga Mas Lima as a Naval Auxiliary Vessel is a testimony of MISC’s long‐term commitment to the safety of its crew and vessels. To date, this innovative solution and partnership has had much success and has significantly reduced the risk of piracy threats to MISC vessels plying the route. The prevention of the piracy threat on MT Bunga Laurel is further testimony of the success of the collaboration between RMN and MISC Berhad.

All relevant authorities have been informed of this incident.