Safeguarding Vessels through High-Risk Areas
Safeguarding your assets, beyond the call of duty

Since 2009, due to the rising safety concerns for vessels plying the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, MISC took the initiative to be the first and only shipping company to provide an escort ship for its vessels plying the pirate-infested route.

In collaboration with the Royal Malaysian Navy and the National Security Council, MISC converted and operationalised two Naval Auxiliary Vessels, the Bunga Mas Lima (BM5) and the Bunga Mas Enam (BM6) to provide escort services and to ensure the safety of our vessels transiting these hijack-prone routes. MISC is the only ship owner in the world that has implemented this unique security arrangement to protect its ships, crew and cargo against piracy.

The vessels are manned by MISC sea staff and Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) personnel from the Navy, Army and Air Force. The presence of BM5 in the Gulf of Aden provides comfort and assurance to MISC ships that they are in the safe hands of the MAF elite personnel.

MISC sea staff serving onboard the Naval Auxiliary Vessels are designated as RMN Volunteer Reserve personnel. Prior to their engagement as naval reservists, they are required to attend two weeks of intensive naval induction training at a naval reservist base. They are also required to attend a Force Integration Training conducted by the RMN prior to each shipboard service on the Naval Auxiliary Vessel.

With the presence and effective deployment of the Naval Auxiliary Vessels, MISC is recognised as being ahead of its counterparts in the maritime industry in terms of piracy safety concerns. MISC is also regarded as a role model to the Maritime Safety Committee and governments of various states in the fight against piracy. Most importantly, this proactive move assures customers that MISC places the safety of our crew and their cargo as top priority and strives to provide them with safe transits.

Today, our Naval Auxiliary Vessels not only escorts our vessels plying through pirate-infested waters, they also play a role in assisting the Royal Malaysian Navy with military operations.

BM6 was launched in August 2011 and is MISC’s second Auxiliary vessel, after Bunga Mas Lima, which escorts and protects MISC’s ships plying the pirate infested route of Gulf of Aden. In June 2013, Bunga Mas Enam was tasked to assist with the Lahad Datu terrorist incident. More recently, the vessel was deployed to the Southern part of the Indian Ocean to provide logistical support for the search operations of MH370.