Towards Environmentally Efficient Ships
As a responsible shipping company, we believe in environmental conservation and push for greater practices to reduce the carbon footprint and consumption of energy onboard our ships. Currently, we have implemented the following Green Technology initiatives (GT initiatives) on some of our vessels.
  • Incorporation of Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF)
  • Incorporation of Low Friction Anti-fouling Coating (LFC)
  • Trim Optimisation Programme installed
MISC vessels that have undergone GT initiatives displayed better hydrodynamics performance, stronger propulsion efficiency and lowered GHG emissions to the environment.

As part of our continuous commitment to Marine Environment Protection and Conservation, we are now exploring other opportunities such as advanced low friction paint, water in diesel emulsion, Waste Fuel Recovery (WFR), mass flow meters, high efficient fixed pitch propellers and propeller blades trimming as future environment and energy efficiency initiatives.

These initiatives further reinstate MISC’s commitment to Marine Environment Protection and Conservation and our dedication to ensure that our ships comply with the global environmental requirements of the industry.