Captain Raja Sager Muniandy

Managing Director/CEO, Eaglestar Marine Holdings (L) Private Limited (“Eaglestar”)

Captain Raja Sager Muniandy was appointed as the Managing Director/CEO of Eaglestar on 16 May 2017.

Qualification, Skills and Experience

Captain Raja holds a Masters in Business Administration from University Utara Malaysia and a Master’s Foreign Going Certificate of Competency from the Ministry of Transport, New Zealand. He joined MISC as a Cadet Officer in 1981 and had sailed on the MISC fleet of ships, finishing his sea career as the Captain on Chemical Tankers. In 1995, he was transferred to shore service and has worked in various positions in MISC.

Between 2008 and 2011, he was seconded to AET, where he served as General Manager in the Ship Management Group and subsequently assumed the responsibility of the Fleet Director in AET Ship management.

Captain Raja was later appointed as the Senior General Manager of Fleet Operations & Maintenance in 2011. Prior to his current position, he was serving as the Head of Fleet Management Services since 2016.

Other Commitments

Captain Raja Sager also sits on the board of several subsidiary and joint venture companies within the MISC Group.