Promoting creativity and innovation by embracing diverse perspectives and ideas from team members.



Driving employees to be passionate about their work, pushing them to exceed expectations and achieve their goals.



Valuing reliability to build trust and enable teamwork with confidence.



Encouraging sustained effort and dedication to achieve positive outcomes and long-term success.

Working at MISC

The people are our most important asset and we invest in them to build a strong diverse workforce that shares our vision. Be a part of the experience at MISC where you will have endless possibilities to create an impact.


employees of diverse workforce


nationalities across worldwide


female employees across MISC Group


of millennials (Gen-Y) and zoomers (Gen-Z) in MISC workforce

Our Culture

We place high emphasis on our cultural beliefs and shared values to which they have guided us to thrive in a global environment where talents are supported and given the opportunities to learn and grow. At MISC, we believe in our people, who are fuelled by their passion are able to achieve greater possibilities ahead.

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Life at MISC

MISC places great importance on cultural beliefs and shared values to thrive in a global environment. They believe in their people and their passion, offering opportunities for learning and growth. Check out Life at MISC page to learn more.

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