In support of our mission ‘to create a positive difference to the lives of communities’, our primary focus on value creation for the wider community is through education, with an emphasis on maritime education.

Through our flagship investment in our maritime academy ALAM (also referred to as ‘the Academy’) and our Cadet Sponsorship Programme, we fulfil our community responsibilities and contribute towards the growth of the local and regional maritime industry by providing opportunities to deserving students in the field of maritime education and develop a sustainable pipeline of qualified seafaring professionals for the industry.


In support of our mission and strategic objectives, we are committing towards having in place well established and fully functioning programmes promoting the upskilling and expansion of career opportunities for the youth and raising knowledge and awareness of our industry in a way that is long-term and meaningful. This will be achieved through various initiatives which includes sponsorship programmes, workshops and capability building events involving academic institutions of various levels, and roadshows, amongst others.


To create a positive difference to the lives of communities





Investing in the next generation                   



2020 targets

Our 2020 Targets

Well-established and fully functioning programmes that promote education and awareness amongst the youth towards becoming the next leaders in the industry and in contributing towards their future development

2016 Performance

  • A total of 266 sponsorships totalling RM12 million were secured from various maritime organisations.
  • 98 cadets were selected for the Cadetship and Ratings programmes.
  • AET sponsored 4 cadets originally from ALAM to pursue their Bachelor Degree programme at United States Merchant Marine Academy.
  • Consistently ranked amongst the Top 10% of the world’s Maritime Education and Training institutions.


Apart from our investment in maritime education with ALAM, we also extend our support to various other causes through our subsidiaries, where their own social investment programmes are championed independently with guidance from the Group. Wherever possible, the Group also collaborates with its subsidiaries on projects to maximise their benefit and impact to the local community. All of our community investment programmes are focused in regions within Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States due to the locality of our offices and employees.

We also support the global maritime community through the collaborations and sharing of resources with regulatory authorities and strategic partners. These efforts underpin our commitment to investing in the wider community, be it with local community stakeholders or industry stakeholders.


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