A preventive awareness to combat dengue

With the dengue problem currently setting of alarm bells around Malaysia, a dengue awareness campaign is indeed timely.

The Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE) of ALAM with the support of MISC’s Group Health, Security, Safety and Environment (GHSSE) organised a Dengue Awareness campaign with 150 ALAM cadets with the objective to educate everyone on the danger and prevention of dengue. 

The campaign kicked off with a 'Walk and Clean' activity within the campus. In a united effort, cadets took charge and divided themselves into groups to eliminate dengue mosquito breeding sites.

The cadets searched and removed items found around the campus such as empty bottles and plastics. They collected and discarded the items accordingly in order to eliminate dengue mosquito breeding sites.

Along with that, a short talk was given by the Malacca Department of Health, providing more explanation on the symptoms and treatments for dengue, phases of dengue infection, home remedies, prognosis and prevention of the virus.

The cadets received a thermometer, insect repellent and dengue fact sheets for their use, courtesy of Allied Against Dengue (AAD) and Glaxosmithkline.

This campaign  has helped to reduce the spread of dengue at the campus and brings a step further towards preventing the spread of dengue virus and its risks in the future.