The service that we provide our customers is paramount to us, as we aim to operate at the highest standards possible when it comes to providing tailored solutions, asset availability, health and safety performance and delivery times, amongst others. By going the extra mile to ensure customer expectations are not only met, but exceeded, our aim is to continuously add value to the existing service we provide.


In our continued commitment towards providing value added solution, our Customers Strategy was developed with the aspiration of increasing the standard of customer experiences and in parallel to affirming our status as a recognised global energy related maritime solutions and services provider. The Customers Strategy will focus specifically on improving customer experience through the identification of areas for improvement and developing strategies to address the issues, and also through the provision of a more structured, cohesive and regular customer interaction initiatives.


To exceed the expectations of our customers




  • Experience
  • Recognition



Our 2020 Targets

  • Increased standard of customer experience through efforts to exceed customers’ expectations.
  • To be a recognised global energy related maritime solutions and service provider.

2016 Performance

  • Maintained a high vessel availability rate to our charterers at above 99%.
  • Delivery of two newbuild LNG carriers in 2016 and 2017.
  • Successfully delivered 21.64 million tonnes of LNG in 2016 and safely delivered more than 400 million tonnes of LNG over 30 years.
  • FSU Tenaga Satu and FSU Tenaga Empat have been retrofitted with smaller deck boilers.
  • The only tanker company globally to possess Modular Capture Vessel (MCV) capabilities and experience.
  • Acquired the remaining 50% stake in the Paramount Tankers JV.
  • Chemical and CPP fleets were merged to provide greater flexibility and capacity to customers.
  • 55 AET vessels and two workboats presented with the Jones F. Devlin Awards for accident-free operations.
  • 58 AET vessels awarded the Environmental Achievement Awards
  • Expansion of presence and operations in Latin America.
  • Excellent asset performance, registering 99.88% asset uptime.
  • Achieved 0.24 recordable accidents with zero Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF).
  • Completion of demobilising of FSO Abu, MOPU SATU and MOPU DUA.
  • Expansion of international footprint regionally with the contract win of FSO Benchamas 2 project with Chevron Offshore Thailand Ltd.
  • Introduction of new technologies on a floating asset.
  • Successfully acquired the remaining 50% equity interest in the Gumusut-Kakap Semi-Floating Production System (L).
  • Safe and successful sail away of the Malikai Tension Leg P Platform.
  • Successful sail away of MaMPU1.
  • Formed MMHE EPIC Marine Services Sdn. Bhd.
  • Completion of the Goliath Crane (GC1).


With our customers being one of the key stakeholders of the Group and in line with our Mission’s commitment ‘to exceed the expectations of our customers’, our approach for our Customers Strategy is simply to focus on providing the best service and experience to all customers. This is done through several of our commitments including stringent health and safety standards, operational responsiveness and tailored solutions in order to exceed customer expectations.


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