With our customers being one of the key stakeholders of the Group and in line with our Mission’s commitment ‘to exceed the expectations of our customers’, our approach for our Customers Strategy is to focus on providing the best service and experience to all customers. This is done through several of our commitments including stringent health and safety standards, operational responsiveness and tailored solutions in order to exceed customer’s expectations.

We have an extensive customer engagement process in place to not only successfully address customer requirements, but also for the purpose of developing and fostering trust, and encouraging communication. Customer centricity is regularly promoted and discussed through our internal communication channels, ensuring a progressive and sustainable focus on delivering the best services to our customers. Many customer engagement events were organised throughout the year which served as platforms to build and foster relationships.

Additionally, MISC’s President/Group CEO and our leadership team made several visits throughout the year, in an effort to further enhance business relationships with existing and potential customers and business partners in key countries.

Aside from our commitment to customer engagement programmes and initiatives, we also ensure the effective and efficient management of information on customers Group-wide, across BUs and Subsidiaries. The collation and analysis of customer’s information provides leverage to MISC’s Management, assisting them in decision-making processes and in the formation of appropriate strategies, to enable and ensure an effective and efficient service delivery.