Our Mission is ‘to promote individual and team excellence of our employees’ and we strive to achieve this by developing internal capabilities through various developmental programmes. This commitment is further encapsulated through a strategic approach of ensuring employee growth and development, in the form of our Employees Strategy, which is a part of the MISC Sustainability Strategy, aligned to our HR Five-Year Masterplan.

We believe that equipping our employees with the right functional and leadership skills are important to help them excel at the workplace and also develop their ability to be able to successfully tackle business challenges head on.


Our Human Resource (HR) division is on course with its five-year masterplan which also forms part of the Employees Strategy under the MISC Sustainability Strategy to promote individual and team excellence within the Group in line with the goals set under MISC2020 Corporate Strategy. Several initiatives are underway to extend the ambit of the succession planning exercise to include more positions and talents across the Group. We are also rolling out various initiatives to ensure a more structured and holistic developmental process including intra-Group job postings for development exposure and the introduction of individual career maps for employees to plan their career progression within the Group.


To promote individual and team excellence of our employees. 





  • Training & development
  • Engagement
  • Safe & healthy working environment


2020 Targets

Our 2020 Targets

  • To have in place a sustainable talent pipeline across the job levels in the organisation.
  • To have a competent and capable workforce through a structured and holistic developmental process.

2016 Performance

  • Female employees constitute approximately 23% of the total shore based workforce, while over 90% of our seafarers are males.
  • As at 31 December 2016, there were 91 female seafarers within our ranks at both MISC and AET and we have sponsored a total of 129 female cadets under the MISC Cadet Sponsorship Programme since 2006.
  • 22% and 33% of the Board and senior management compositions are female respectively.


The Human Resource (HR) division units at corporate and subsidiary levels are responsible for recruitment, training and policy setting for the Group. Taking into account international standards where appropriate, our workplace policies and practices are tailored to suit regional and industry needs.

All our shore employees are governed by the Employee Handbook which contains applicable workplace policies where each employee receives a copy on their first day on the job. For our seafarers, workplace policies are further enhanced by international regulations, such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006, which sets minimum requirements for working and living conditions for seafarers, amongst other provisions. This is captured in the Terms and Conditions of Service for Sea Staff where we aim to meet or exceed industry standards in order to remain competitive.


MISC Cultural Beliefs                                        

Menara Dayabumi Office Upgrade Project

Watch Keeping Officer Programme                                  

Health & Safety

The continued safety of our people, our ships and their cargoes together with the protection of the natural environment in which we operate remain our top priority, and this is evident in the way it is prioritised within the Group. We believe it is necessary for a strong safety culture to prevail both at sea and ashore. We strive to continually minimise health and safety risks at the workplace.

This is realised through operational best practice, monitoring and tracking performance as well as implementation of value-adding initiatives, including our HSE Culture Enhancement Campaign and Health Strategy, under the MISC Sustainability Strategy.