We believe that our business is only as good as our people and that they are one of the key capitals to our continuing success. Today, the MISC Group's close to 9,000-strong workforce remains our most important asset. We are committed to enhance the their talents and capabilities of to ensure our long-term success amidst a highly competitive landscape.

In line with the Group’s Vision, one of our key priorities is to ensure that our employees are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to support the Group’s aspirations.

We also ensure all of our employees are working at a conducive working environment and safety is part of the working culture.

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Strategic Priorities

In line with our mission of promoting individual and team excellence of our employees, one of our strategic objectives is to have in place a sustainable talent pipeline across job levels to ensure seamless leadership and talent pipeline in the organisation. The Plan is to extend the ambit of succession planning exercise to include more positions and talents across the Group. It is aimed at equipping and developing our workforce with the necessary skills and competencies to realise our MISC2020 targets.


To promote individual and team excellence of our employees. 



  • Training & development
  • Engagement
  • Safe & healthy working environment
2020 Targets

Our 2020 Targets

Succession planning:
To have in place a sustainable talent pipeline across the job levels in the organisation.

Employee competency development:
To have a competent and capable workforce through a structured and holistic development process

Focus on Health:
To have a healthy workforce with a focus on improvement in BMI levels and effective management of Health Risks at the workplace

Our Approach

The Human Resource (HR) division units at corporate and subsidiary levels are responsible for policy setting, recruitment and training for the Group. Taking into account international standards where appropriate, our workplace policies and practices are tailored to suit regional and industry needs. All our shore employees are governed by the Employee Handbook which contains applicable workplace policies where each employee receives a copy on their first day on the job. For our seafarers, workplace policies are further enhanced by international regulations, such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006, which sets minimum requirements for working and living conditions for seafarers, amongst other provisions. This is captured in the Terms and Conditions of Service for Sea Staff where we aim to meet or exceed industry standards in order to remain competitive.