Eaglestar promotes Safety Culture at its Ratings’ Seminar

The Eaglestar Ratings' Seminar carried the theme, "Operational Excellence through Synergy" and was held at the Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from 13 to 14 September 2017.

The seminar provides an excellent opportunity for participants to network and share best practices. Participants were given an overview of contemporary issues, as well as the ever-present safety challenges on board.

The seminar provided the opportunity for Eaglestar’s leadership to share theirs aspirations moving forward as well as motivating them to continually expand their skills, and to tap on the exciting opportunities available within Eaglestar.

Participants were also exposed to the key aspects related to HSE and updating them on technical and operational practices to further enhance their understanding and practical know-how.   

Held on an annual basis, the Ratings’ Seminar fosters better relationship amongst the Eaglestar workforce as well as keep them abreast of regulatory requirements, encourage feedback and provide the platform to improve their understanding on MISC Group’s developments and issues affecting our industry.

Through our commitment to provide the sea staff with training opportunities, motivation and overall job fulfilment, we benefit from increased retention of high-quality, loyal seafarers and safe operations.