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In an increasingly borderless market, we are cognisant of the fact that bringing people with diverse expertise, experience and socio-cultural backgrounds together will enable the Group to rise to current challenges and ensure a sustainable future. At MISC, we believe in respect for diversity and equal opportunities, and the prevention of all forms of discrimination. We also do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on ethnic groups, gender, religion, nationality, age, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, or any other personal characteristic or condition. 

As part of MISC’s anti-discrimination policy, MISC does not perform mandatory pre-employment testing for HIV. However, confidential voluntary HIV blood testing is encouraged, with proper pre- and post-testing counselling. In respect for human rights and dignity of persons living with HIV or affected by AIDS, within the framework of existing country specific legislations, an employee will not be unfairly discriminated against or stigmatised on the basis of real or perceived HIV status. Employees living with HIV/AIDS have the legal right to confidentiality and privacy concerning their health and HIV status. Information regarding the HIV/AIDS status of an employee shall not be disclosed without the employee’s informed consent.

All of our hiring policies are compliant with local and international labour regulations. We do not tolerate the use of child labour or forced labour in all of our operations and all of our third parties who had business with us are subject to applicable regulations and policies. We also practice non-discriminatory hiring policy and all our employees are strictly hired based on their capability and expertise. 

To date, MISC has a total of 8,839 employees from 42 nationalities. MISC Group has 12.5% female employees. On the shipping side, we have 107 female seafarers and the highest female ranking seafarer is a Chief Office. By 2022, we expect at least four more women to take up leadership roles of Master and Chief Engineer in Eaglestar.


In order to ensure our competitiveness in attracting external talents, a benchmarking study on the Group’s remuneration package is conducted on yearly basis. Our employees are fairly compensated based on the remuneration structures, in compliance with the Minimum Wage Order 2016 that has been set by the Malaysian government.

Approximately, 20% of our employees belong to industry-related unions. Regular engagement sessions between the Management and these unions are held to discuss on the current requirements and any other issues raised by the employees. The Collective Agreement between Management and unionised employees are also subject to periodic review and renegotiations.

At MISC, we believe that having a formal channel for grievances is very important. We have multiple channels in place within the Group to address any concerns raised by the employees.

On top of that, we have established a Whistleblowing Policy and procedures for issues to be conveyed in a strictly confidential manner.


Find out more on our Whistleblowing Policy here.

No child labour
Minimum wage
No forced labour