Our HR five-year masterplan was developed based on the objective of promoting individual and team excellence of MISC’s workforce in realising the MISC2020 targets. The strategy aims to drive superior performance and enhance productivity while providing opportunities for growth within our organisation and ultimately unlocking the optimum value of the Company through our employees.

In principle, the strategy will focus on two main areas:

  • Succession planning to include all job levels, where previously it was only applicable to the leadership pipeline; and,
  • Development of employee competencies, both leadership and functional.

We believe that a sustainable talent pipeline across all job levels ensures that the growth and development of all employees is done in line with our organisational ambitions and aspirations. For an example, we have created a platform for intra-Group job postings to enhance their exposure and development as well as the introduction of individual career maps for employees to plan their career progression.

In order to achieve the HR five-year masterplan targets, we will drive the succession planning process and employee competency development programmes with support from the respective BUs, SUs and Subsidiaries to ensure involvement, alignment and relevancy across the Group.

Succession Planning

2020 targets

To have in place a sustainable talent pipeline across the job levels in the organisation.

2019 Progress Update

  • Continuation of the succession planning to ensure all critical positions are filled to avoid business an operational disruption
  • Introduction of Talent Management System and MISC Feedback Platform

Employee Competency Development

2020 targets

To have a competent and capable workforce through a structured and holistic development process

2019 Progress Update

  • RM61.9 million invested in training programmes for the Group