The Environment Strategy focuses on our identified material areas of carbon/key emissions, waste (hazardous and non-hazardous) and biodiversity. Although there are various initiatives and systems currently in place to ensure effective and efficient management of these areas (aside from our other environmental commitments), we will be reinforcing our management approach by setting up the Group’s targets and developing plans to ensure a more robust governance process towards the sustainable and successful achievement of the objectives.

Additionally, as part of the Environment Strategy, we will be embarking on various initiatives that focuses on promoting and enhancing environmental consciousness amongst our employees throughout the Group. This will be achieved through a structured, consistent and holistic awareness initiatives/programmes which will focus on specific topics/campaigns over a period of time.

Environmental Performance Targets for Carbon/Key Emissions and Waste and Established Biodiversity Programmes

2020 targets

  • To achieve reduction in our carbon footprint/key emissions and waste against set targets.
  • A sustainable and long-term biodiversity conservation programme run successfully and sustained as part of the company’s agenda.

2018 Progress Update

  • Reduction of carbon emissions intensity from shipping operations from a baseline in 2016 as follow:



    2020 Target










  • Implemented new systems, Navigator and ECO Insight software to enhance the performance monitoring and reporting for shipping operations.
  • Started monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions data as per EU MRV regulation.
  • As part of the IMO DCS requirement, all vessels have been equipped with approved Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) Part II.
  • 13% reduction on overall generation of wastes on vessels.
  • Developed preliminary plan for carbon emission reduction in MMHE.
  • Carried out waste assessment review at non-shipping operations. Based on the findings, recommendations have been incorporated in the business unit’s Health, Safety and Environment plan for implementation.
  • Continue with the implementation of Clean Air Regulations to be in compliance with the new stringent limits and other requirements effective June 2019.
  • Carried out initial assessment on Biodiversity Conservation Programmes to focus on Tackling Oceans Plastic Pollution.

Moving Forward

  • Continue with the implementation of carbon emissions reduction target plan.
  • Roll-out the carbon emission reduction plan for non-shipping operation.
  • Continue monitoring and reporting of carbon performance for the MISC fleet operations in accordance to regulatory (European Union Monitoring Reporting Verification (EU MRV) and International Maritime Organisation Data Collection System (IMO DCS)) as well as corporate requirement.
  • Enhance process for hazardous waste characterisation.
  • Continue with the implementation of waste separation and 4R programmes.
  • Development of action plan for MISC’s biodiversity conservation programmes on Tackling Oceans Plastics Pollution.

Environmental Consciousness

2020 targets

Well-informed and empowered employees on environmental awareness and consciousness.

2018 Progress Update

  • Carried out an Eco Pledge campaign with the objectives of promoting environmentally conscious practices among staff, creating sense of environmental responsibility and commitment to a group effort and increase awareness on the importance of valuing natural resources.

Moving Forward

  • Implementation of a group-wide campaign on responsible consumption of plastics.