In a continuously ever-changing global business environment, it is very important that we operate our business in a consistent manner and are cognisant of the international developments that apply to us today regarding good governance, business ethics and conduct. We believe a strong Corporate Governance framework and process is paramount and the principles and codes in place help us achieve our business objectives while adhering to best practices. Matters concerning governance and ethics are taken very seriously at MISC, where we are committed to ensure they form the foundation of which we operate our business.


MISC continues to reinforce our commitment of ensuring high standards of compliance and ethics practices throughout the Group. During the year under review, the Board endorsed the MISC Group Compliance and Ethics Programme, which consequently became a part of the MISC Sustainability Strategy under the Governance & Business Ethics pillar. The programme outlines the policy, action plans and deliverables to ultimately create a culture within the Company that embodies ethical conduct and commitment to integrity in all business dealings.


To maintain a sustainable governance and business ethics framework                               


Transparency & trust                                                                                                       

2020 targets

Our 2020 Targets

Business ethics and ethical conduct embedded as a cultural component within the organisation

2016 Performance

  • There has been no incidences of staff disciplinary or dismissal actions due to non-compliance to MISC CoBE and ABC policies.
  • MISC Group Compliance and Ethics Programme was approved and rolled out in 2016.


Corporate Governance

MISC is committed to ensuring that a high standard of corporate governance is applied throughout the Group. Our approach to corporate governance takes into consideration the principles of corporate governance and best practices recommendations as laid out in the Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance 2012 (the Code), and the requirements of the Main Market Listing Requirements (MMLR) of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Bursa Securities), besides being guided by the Corporate Governance Guide issued by Bursa Securities.


Business Conduct & Ethics

We have put in place principles and codes that help us to achieve our business objectives while adhering to best practices, in line with the Mission to maintain a sustainable governance and business ethics framework, and aligned to the endorsed Governance and Business Ethics Strategy under the MISC Sustainability Strategy. We take these values seriously and enforce them both internally within our organisation and with all whom we conduct business with.

Policies & Guidelines

Related policies and guidelines on our Governance & Business Ethics are outlined in our Corporate Governance and Compliance & Business Ethics section.