Say NO to Sexual Harassment at Workplace

The inaugural talk on sexual harassment was held on 27 March 2017 in Menara Dayabumi and it is aimed to raise awareness and understanding amongst MISC’s staff of what constitutes sexual harassment and ways to report the cases.

Pn Fadzillah Kamaruddin, Vice President of Legal, Corporate Secretarial and Compliance in her opening remarks reiterated the organisation’s strong commitment and Zero tolerance against sexual harassment at workplace.

“As a Company that operates worldwide with various international clients, the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (CoBE) reflects MISC’s commitment in providing, a safe, secure and conducive working environment, where the values of mutual & reciprocal respect, trust and confidence are upheld and actively promoted. Sexual harassment is a serious misconduct under our CoBE and the perpetrator may be subject to disciplinary punishments which include dismissal," she said.

The invited guest speaker, Ms. Betty Yeoh, one of the Founder / Member of All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) captured the audience's attention with her prolific presentation coupled with wit and humour.

MISC Group’s “See, Speak, Support” Campaign empowers staff to speak up if they witness, or suffer from, any workplace misconduct, including sexual harassment.

Staff are encouraged to report any suspected misconduct or wrongdoing to their line manager or directly through Whistleblowing channels which have been established to help all stakeholders raise concerns, without fear of retaliation, on any wrongdoing that they may observe across the Group.

The audience actively participated in the Q&A session to acquire better knowledge and understanding on the issue and left the venue with lots of wisdom, diverse views and perspectives and most importantly empowered to make a difference.