The health and safety of our people, our ships and their cargoes together with the protection of the natural environment in which we operate remains our top priority, and this is evident in the way it is prioritised within the Group. We believe it is necessary for a strong health and safety culture to prevail both at sea and ashore. We strive to continually minimise health and safety risks at the workplace. This is realised through operational best practices, monitoring and tracking performance as well as implementation of value-adding initiatives, including our b-HSSE Programme under the MISC Sustainability Strategy.

Strategic Priorities

In complementing the robust and strategic management of health and safety in line with our commitment to support the well-being of our workforce, this strategy was developed to specifically focus on the aspects of health and safety. The Health & Safety Strategy will contribute towards a more structured, cohesive and robust approach in the management of health and safety aspects. We will be focusing on the management of health risks through a more structured and strategic approach, which includes conducting health risk assessments and the effective management of identified issues.


To promote individual and team excellence of our employees



Safe & healthy working environment

2020 Targets

Our 2020 Targets

To have a healthy workforce with a focus on improvement in BMI levels and effective management of Health Risks at the workplace

Our Approach

MISC’s commitment towards health and safety are reflected in the MISC Policy Statement on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) as endorsed by the President/Group CEO that is applicable to all employees of the MISC Group. The emphasis on health and safety is also extended to all third parties who conduct business with us through the MISC Health, Safety and Environment Requirements for Contractors which automatically applies when these parties enter into contractual agreements with us.



Raising Awareness Safety and Security