MISC’s sustainability governance is key to ensuring that we continuously embed sustainability principles into our business strategy, decision making processes and operations. Our sustainability agenda is built on our commitment to create value for our stakeholders. We ensure that we follow through our commitment by practising progressive governance and sustainable management.

MISC’s Board of Directors (Board) sits at the apex of our sustainability governance structure and maintains strict oversight of the Group’s sustainability strategy and performance. The Board Governance and Risk Committee (BGRC) provides focused oversight on the effective implementation of MISC’s sustainability strategy. The Board is supported by the Management Committee chaired by the President & Group CEO and Corporate Sustainability acts as secretariat to track the implementation of group-wide sustainability strategy. 

As we forge ahead, we are moving away from committee based structure to a custodian based structure, where each custodian ie. service unit, business unit and subsidiaries will be tasked with the responsibility to ensure that the approved initiatives are implemented, and will be held accountable for meeting their respective targets. Where required, the custodian is expected to form working groups to solicit views and inputs from cross-functional units.