The maritime and energy sector is largely cyclical in nature, sensitive to the fluctuations of the prevailing economic conditions and market sentiments, which can affect our businesses undesirably. In 2019, despite the difficult market conditions, MISC once again proved its resilience as evidenced by the commendable financial and operational performance.

We are proactively taking steps to streamline and bolster our businesses in line with our MISC2020 strategy, enabling us to adapt quickly to flagging market conditions in the energy shipping and offshore oil & gas segments.


We recognise the importance of engaging with our shareholders as a means to enhance the visibility of our organisation. Our strategy focuses on the delivery of broader, structured and consistent engagement activities for our shareholders.


To drive sustainable value for our shareholders



  • Engagement
  • Education
  • Communication

Our 2020 Targets

Shareholders’ engagement:
Greater visibility to shareholders through broader engagement activities


We aim to consistently deliver sustainable returns to shareholders through stable financial performance growth and consistent dividend payout to shareholders. This commitment is evidenced through our established corporate strategy, which integrates good shareholder value creation into our Group’s five-year business plan, known as MISC2020.

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MISC remains a proud constituent of the FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia Index with an improved score.

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